Pro synthetic leather

Preserving nature

today, imitation leathers are already so sophisticated that the layman often can no longer distinguish them from tanned genuine leather. The biggest difference is the way in which the respective leather product is manufactured.
Natural leather is based on animal skins, which for economic reasons are usually tanned or produced under socially questionable conditions in third countries and with the use of harmful chemicals. Due to the non-uniformity of animal hides, a considerable amount of water, acids, chrome salts, dyes and other chemical auxiliaries is necessary to achieve a uniform leather quality. The finished leather or its surface then often has only a rudimentary resemblance to a natural product. In addition, components of dyes and process auxiliaries can get out of the leather into the environment and the human body. Most of the hides used in leather production come as a by-product from the meat industry. But for special leathers made from crocodile, snake and ray, the animals are often kept separately and are deliberately killed.
The synthetic leather products we offer do not contain solvents, heavy metals, or other hazardous components due to the sophisticated manufacturing process. During the production of our products, the environment is not polluted, because they are manufactured exclusively in closed cycles and the used process water is regained.

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